12 2016 Jan

Xbox One Elite 1TB Bundle

1tb xbox one

The Xbox One Elite 1TB Bundle is the highest end Xbox One console available for purchase. The Xbox One Elite 1TB Bundle offers several advantages that make really make it a worthwhile purchase over the the base-model Xbox One console. Some of the advantages housed inside of the Xbox One Elite 1TB Bundle include a 1TB hard drive that loads games faster and the highly sought after and acclaimed elite controller. The elite controller included in the Xbox One Elite 1TB Bundle offers the player variety of variations that will allow them the play exactly the way they want to play.

With the controller included with the Xbox One Elite 1TB Bundle consumers will be able to remove and rearrange buttons, install triggers onto the backside, and even change the mapping of each individual button. This kind of versatility is what Microsoft had in mind when creating the Xbox One Elite 1TB Bundle, a console and controller that will work perfectly with a large number of different consumers.

One of the biggest reasons that consumers will run out to purchases the Xbox One Elite 1TB Bundle is for the bigger and faster hard drive. Sticking with the 500 GB hard drive in the regular non- Xbox One Elite 1TB Bundle can lead to some serious storage complaints. With every game that is played on the Xbox One Elite 1TB Bundle needing to be installed, and with some of said games weighing in at as high as 50 GB, the Xbox One Elite 1TB Bundle

really starts to justify the higher price tag once game-time rolls around. The Xbox One Elite 1TB Bundle is a great buy for anyone that enjoys playing quality video games.

12 2016 Jan



When it comes to top-of-the-line televisions, nothing even comes close to an LG 4K OLED television. The LG 4K OLED introduces OLED technology into the marketplace that speeds past even LED technology. The LG 4K OLED offers a picture that benefits from the LG 4K OLED television’s ability to turn the actual screen off to display proper blacks.

An overly simplified explanation would be turning the pixels off to display a black picture as opposed to displaying back pixels. With non- LG 4K OLED televisions these black pixels will appear more grey than black and will really take away from the overall viewing experience. The LG 4K OLED ’s black levels will look much more sharp and real and will offer a much more real. This realism will really add to the immersion factor that comes with owning an LG 4K OLED television set.

Using an LG 4K OLED television is an incredibly easy experience as they run the intuitive android operating system. With an easy-to-use operating system and unmatched picture quality, the LG 4K OLED television will prove to be the perfect television for a large variety of consumer. Additionally, playing video games on an LG 4K OLED television will be a seriously enjoyable experience. Your console games will look absolutely stunning on the LG 4K OLED television’s display, no matter the game-type.

12 2016 Jan

Panasonic DMC-LX100


When most people think of quality cameras the first thing that typically comes to mind are cumbersome DSLR’s. This is warranted, as DSLR’s are generally considered the cream of the crop when it comes to picture quality. With advances in photo-taking technology advancing incredibly quickly, compact cameras like the Panasonic DMC-LX100 have become viable alternatives to the behemoths of old. The Panasonic DMC-LX100 features a large 1” sensor that dwarfs the sensors on competing compact cameras. Because of this fact the Panasonic DMC-LX100 is able to take incredibly detailed photos that feature breath-taking contrast and tack-sharp sharpness. This incredible technology coupled with a small pocketable body really makes the Panasonic DMC-LX100 the perfect camera for travelers.

Traveling is probably the most appropriate time to take as many pictures as possible, giving the Panasonic DMC-LX100 an edge over un-pocketable DSLR’s. The enormous sensor on the Panasonic DMC-LX100 will perfectly photograph anything you feel is important enough to photograph during your trip. With such a compact and easy to hold body the consensus may be that the Panasonic DMC-LX100 ’s picture quality suffers as a result. This is not the case in the least as the Panasonic DMC-LX100 is capable of besting many of the established heavyweights in the photo-taking ring.

Equipped with a 12 megapixel camera the Panasonic DMC-LX100 is plenty big enough to offer incredible detail and lots of cropping-room. The added benefit of not having to carry around lenses for your Panasonic DMC-LX100 is an incredible one that will be appreciated significantly more during vacations. For photographers that want uncompromised portability, the Panasonic DMC-LX100 is the perfect product for them.

9 2015 Dec

Wireless Sound Bars

bose sound-bar

Investing in cumbersome surround sound systems can be an expensive proposition. Additionally, the these systems can take up a lot of room, something easily remedied with Wireless Sound Bars. Now, these systems typically warrant their size as they usually produce some quality sound. Wireless Sound Bars are the perfect alternative, offering sleek and compact designs that also offer unmatched sound quality that will add another level of entrancement to tv watching sessions.

With Wireless Sound Bars consumers can leave behind the tinny drivers that comes included in most modern televisions. A lot of what goes on in our favorite tv shows can be missed without the use of Wireless Sound Bars. The reason for this is because film and show makers put a lot of emphasis on the sound that goes into their programming. Background noise and even lines of dialogue can get lost when not listened to through Wireless Sound Bars.

Having to deal with the cables that hamper non- Wireless Sound Bars is a chore that no one wants to deal with. Wireless Sound Bars provide a rich sound experience that may surprise given the size and weight of most Wireless Sound Bars. There are various sizes and brands of Wireless Sound Bars, giving consumers a variety of choices when deciding on the right Wireless Sound Bars for them. Bose makes incredible Wireless Sound Bars that do the prestigious name Bose has built justice.

3 2015 Dec

Wireless Room Thermostats


With such a huge emphasis being put on wifi and wireless, most every Wireless Room Thermostat is also increasing in popularity. Consumers see the benefit in investing in wireless. A Wireless Room Thermostat is the perfect product to compliment any home. Heating and cooling is without question one of the more expensive utilities that need to be paid. What a Wireless Room Thermostat does is give consumers a clear and concise picture of the efficiency, or lack-thereof, of their home.

The most popular Wireless Room Thermostat on the market is the Nest. The Nest Wireless Room Thermostat features a beautiful rounded-design that can be affixed to any wall or surface beautifully. The Nest Wireless Room Thermostat can be controlled from any smartphone or tablet via an intuitive and easy to-use application. That is a running theme with the Nest Wireless Room Thermostat, a product that can be picked up and used by essentially anyone.

The most important feature of the Nest Wireless Room Thermostat is its learning mode. When the Nest Wireless Room Thermostat is in learning mode, it is taking cues from both your home and you in order to create a heating and cooling schedule that is most efficient. This kind of efficiency will save consumers an enormous amount of money, something that creators of a Wireless Room Thermostat had in mind. For any homeowner that wants to save money, a Wireless Room Thermostat is the product for them.

20 2015 Nov

Bose Soundlink Speaker


Bose is without question the most prominent and well-known name in sound. Most portable speakers are lacking in the quality department as they’ve sacrificed quality drivers for tiny ones. The Bose Soundlink Speaker breaks the mold by offering a small portable size that does not sacrifice the quality sound that Bose is synonymous with. If consumers were to hear the sound emitted from the Bose Soundlink Speaker without actually seeing the Bose Soundlink Speaker they will be pleasantly surprised. In order to even get close to the quality emitted by the Bose Soundlink Speaker users would need to start looking at much bigger and more expensive options.

The Bose Soundlink Speaker can easily connect to your smartphone or tablet via bluetooth. This easy setup makes using the Bose Soundlink Speaker extremely easy, doable by even older or uninitiated consumers. There are also various settings that allow the listener to tweak the sound coming from the Bose Soundlink Speaker.

For any listeners that are big fans of bass and deep sound the Bose Soundlink Speaker is the perfect option. This is another reason that the Bose Soundlink Speaker is such a great option who spend a lot of time on the go. The bass that the Bose Soundlink Speaker is able to produce is unrivaled, something that puts the Bose Soundlink Speaker in special company. 

2 2015 Nov

Computer Accessories

laptop-fanAre all computer accessories the same in quality?  Sometime they even keep the computer happier.  Let me enumerate just a few of the accessories available on wwwmoregeeksmoregadgets.com.  We’ll start with a few to make the computer happier, thus the operator too.  A surge protector is a necessity unless you are running on battery.  There are replacement batteries for many makes and models,  and an external  hard drive docking station.  Someone who works from their car might need a car charger and if you are planning an overseas trip. a travel adapter.  Several models of laptop stands are available, even a lap pad which is cooled.



18 2015 Oct


It is still nice enough outside to take your ATV out for a ride.  Or are you one of those mudbugs?  My son has rigged up some kind of hand pump to somewhat wash the worst from his ride with lakewater before it is loaded into the trailer.  Remember, wwwmoregeeksmoregadgets.com has ATV parts and accessories.  Winches are coming next.  No helmets because I believe they need to be an extra good fit.  Have fun and be careful!


18 2015 Oct


Apple pulled  the FIT BIT from online sales on Monday October 12,2015.  The Fit Bit is still availabe in Apple stores according to the notice.

18 2015 Oct

Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire HD6 has certainly been noticed.  CNET says”theFire HD6 is the best bang for you buck.”  PC Magazine writes “a well-built reliable samll screen for under $100”.  (Tthe Kindle Fire  is available at www.moregeeksmoregadgets.com for $99.99 and free shipping). The tablet has 6″HD display, 8GB, rear- facing HD camera and front-facing VGA camera.   The user may easily edit and share photos simply by tapping individual images and then emailing them to anyone you may like.  There is free umlimited cloud storage for all of the photos that you take with your fire devices.

One of the many apps available for this tablet is called X-ray and Notebook for e -Textbooks.  Most of us especially in college, put notes in the margins and use colored highlighters.   At test time you can filter these out






















on HD tablets.  What a Study help!    I am not a college student, but this Kindle Fire will sure be on my Christmas list.